Train Set Classic Electric Train Toy



  • Set up the 11 track pieces (7 curved tracks, 2 straight tracks & 2 curved switch tracks ) to create either a 30’’ diameter circle and a 53’’ (L) x 30’’ (W) long oval layout. The size of the locomotive is 6.69"(L) × 1.97"(W) × 2.95"(H). The total length of the train is 35".
  • Set the amazingly detailed locomotive engine, coal wagon, oil tank, cargo cart, mail compartment as well as passenger car on the tracks, switch it on and get ready to embark on a pleasant journey.
  • Featuring lever switches control the switch tracks for changing the direction of Express Train.
  • Authentic train sounds “choo-choo” and a headlight on the locomotive that actually lights up bring it very vividly to life. The sound can't be turned off alone, but the train is not very noisy.
  • Celebrate Christmas by running such retro style train set underneath Christmas tree, add novel gifts to the back cargo cart for added holiday cheer.